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Dr. Emad Rahim

Syracuse Common Council Candidate | 3rd District

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The Syracuse Common Council third district is poised for an inclusive vision that empowers the voices and needs of our diverse community. We are home to some of the most marginalized neighborhoods in the country. Our residents are really hurting. Syracuse Common Council Candidate Emad Rahim has lived it, knows this, and, together, we can make our communities better for all of us.

Emad with recent high school graduates from city schools in the Summer Success Academy at Onondaga Community College. Hear Emad’s   OCC Podcast   interview.

Emad with recent high school graduates from city schools in the Summer Success Academy at Onondaga Community College. Hear Emad’s OCC Podcast interview.

We all want to feel safe, but the solutions being discussed are often being done in a vacuum. Hear Emad’s interview on New Inspiration for the Nation with George Kilpatrick.


Emad and his family has lived in the third district for over 30 years; attended Frazier, Grant Middle School, and Fowler High School. Read New Times story about his time at Fowler, his neighborhood and how a mentor changed his life.

Emad being honored as an Empact100 Honoree at the United Nations in NYC for his social entrepreneurship work around country. Read the Huffington Post story where Emad discuss overcoming poverty, abuse, racism and dyslexia.

Fowler Graduate Comes Home To Give Back (New Times) - Syracuse New Times story on Emad Rahim’s commitment to give back to his city, why he chose to relocate back to Syracuse and reinvest in his community...

Refugee Talks About How Valuable A Second Chance Is (cnycentral.com) - Emad Rahim was born in Cambodia, and his children were born in America. He remembers the violence from his childhood. concentration camp,"…


Meet Emad

I was born in a concentration camp in the Killing Fields of Cambodia. At this camp, my mother, sister, and I lost my father and older brother to the brutality of the Khmer Rouge. We eventually escaped and made our way to a refugee camp in Thailand. Through the generosity and love from a group of Syracuse families and Catholic Charities, we were sponsored to resettle in America.

In the city of Syracuse, my family struggled with poverty, language barriers, and discrimination. Growing up on public assistance, I personally had to overcome abuse, racism, dyslexia, and violence on the streets. My mother often worked three jobs to take care of us. My siblings and I were latchkey children, and we had to grow up fast. Today, my mother can proudly say all four of her children went on to attend college, start their own families, and are productive members of our society.

I went from barely graduating Fowler High School to earning multiple graduate degrees and credentials from Harvard, Tulane, Cornell, Colorado Tech, SUNY Empire State College, and Onondaga Community College (OCC honorary degree). From struggling with dyslexia and the embarrassment I felt about my learning disability, to becoming an award-winning author, business owner, Fulbright Scholar, TEDx Speaker, University Dean, and sought-after keynote speaker. Today, I serve as a Business Dean and Endowed Professor, and travel all over the country speaking at high schools, colleges and conferences to motivate and inspire young people and educators.

I credit my success to the teachers, mentors, and community leaders that supported me, and the local residents who showed me love and empathy. These individuals refused to give up on me. They saw something in this lost, scared and angry kid, and refused to give up on me.

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Syracuse Common Council Candidate

Syracuse Common Council Candidate

3rd District Candidate Emad Rahim

3rd District Candidate Emad Rahim